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Corned Bear Meat

100 lbs bear meat
2 ounces baking soda
8 lbs salt
2 ounces saltpeter
4 lbs sugar

Salt the meat down in layers in a keg, alternating
the salt.

Let it stand overnight.

At the same time the meat is put down make a
solution of the
suger, soda and saltpeter in 1 gallon of warm
water, and let
it stand overnight.

Next day pour the solution over the meat. After a
few days,
drain off the solution, bring it to a boil,
straining off the

Replace the fluid on the meat, keeping it covered
by inverting
a large plate on top of the meat. This is ready to
use as corned
meat within four to six weeks but may be used
satisfactorily at intermediate stages.

If too salty, it must be soaked or parboiled.

Save the salty water for soup, stews, cooking
potatoes or other vegetables, gravy, etc.





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